All services of The Women’s Hypnosis & Healing Collective are rooted in the philosophy that all women deserve to live empowered lives.

Our Hypnotists are members of the National Guild of Hypnotists and are certified through The Path Foundation of Houston, TX under curriculum developed by  Ed R. Martin, Ph.D. and Cheryl W. Martin, L.C.S.W..

Our core hypnosis technique is Cellular Releasing©  and Cell Command Therapy™. The goal of this unique hypnosis technique is to remove the root of your issue while also removing any trigger or lingering connection to it, all without experiencing any triggering emotion.

Our coaching method weaves hypnosis and coaching together for a spiritually rooted exploration  of forgiveness, release and restoration. 

Online Content

Phase two of our launch is  our collective of online content and empowerment tools.

  • The Healing Toolbox is a podcast of conversations with the global healing community exploring a multidimensional scope of holistic healing services, initiatives and activism.


  • Online empowerment groups supporting women along their healing journey.


  • Blog posts from a cross section of writers focused on empowering women around the world.


  • Online workshops and events focused on empowering women at any phase of their life.


Phase three of our launch is a community space dedicated to our local collective with resources to support them, their clients and their business.

Our goal is to connect with healing arts practitioners of hypnosis, massage, reiki, holistic talk therapy, grief workers, coaches, intuitive energy work, acupressure, homeopathy, aromatherapy, naturopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine,  midwifery & doulas, hypno-birthing, hypno-fertility or any other non traditional healing or health and wellness modality.

From our community provider collective, we will craft a community advisory board whose focus is to serve our local women in ways that promote empowerment using our core values.

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