A Story of Shoes

Once a blogger always a blogger. I’m starting to blog my path as a Hypnotist. I hope you enjoy this short piece.

Inevitably, when I tell someone I am a Hypnotist, the conversation usually turns into a story about their personal meditation practice. They also have questions about the difference between meditation and hypnosis and why one would choose one over the other. So, I thought I would give an answer in a fun non clinical story.

A story of shoes…..

Meditation is like a laid back trip to the mall to look for a pair of shoes. You pull up to the mall with no real idea of what kind of shoes you want or from what store they will come. You just want a new pair of shoes. You are happy just to move in and out of stores until you find a pair that moves you. In the process you may get distracted and pick up some other treats for yourself. As you float from store to store looking for shoes you are having a nice time enjoying the shopping experience. You enjoy your time alone as you shop. You get a smoothie and maybe one of those 15 minutes massages from the massage booth in the middle of the mall. When you are all done and you have found your new shoes , you feel relaxed having completely enjoyed your trip to the mall for shoes. You may even want a nap when you get home.

Hypnosis is like a trip to DSW to get the 6 inch sassy blue platforms that goes perfectly with the dress you just bought for a party that you have been looking forward to all week. You walk into DSW and right over to the shoes you have already picked out online. Your shoes are right on top as if they were waiting for you. You pay for them and go home to get flawless for the party. Not only did you get your entire life at the party, but your feet were super comfortable and you may have met the love of your life because they complimented your shoes. You go home from the party floating from the night events and decide those shoes were the best shoes ever.

Your experience at the mall was exactly what you needed for that day. A nice day out, relaxing, no clear direction except that you wanted shoes.

That’s meditation. Your only real goal is to relax,center and calm your life a little. During meditation your mind may wonder but you let it go where it leads, just enjoying the experience. When you are done meditating you are relaxed.

The second scenario has a clear intention of not just buying a new pair of shoes, but a specific pair, in a specific color, to match a specific outfit for a specific event. You waste no time being distracted by smoothies and massages but go directly to where the shoes are waiting for you. You buy them and wear them with the intention of having the night of your life. You feel confident and you show up glowing with positive energy.

That’s Hypnosis. It’s desired outcome is specific. It’s clear. It’s intentional and a skilled Hypnotist will show you how powerful your mind is to do the work you came to do. When it’s all over you should feel accomplished and ready for a new way of thinking. You feel powerful. Your energy will be optimistic and open and ready for anything.

So, In an unconventional story of shoes, I hope that explains the difference between Meditation and Hypnosis. Depending on what you need, both experiences have value and one is not better than the other.

P.S. Now, all I can think about is a trip to DSW 👠


Michelle Dowell-Vest

Hypnosis, Metaphysical Practitioner & Ministerial Student

Graduating December 2017

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