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Michelle Dowell-Vest, ACCH
2000 N Loop W, Ste 204, Houston, TX
Both in person & online

My practice and healing work is rooted in the belief that inside each of us is a powerful healing energy and the ability to create a life free from inherited family trauma, lingering emotional baggage and self limiting habits & patterns…

Using Family Trauma Mapping, Constellation Healing & Clinical Hypnosis, I specialize in helping women realize their own power to heal their lives and thrive in mind, body and spirit.

I am the Founder of The Women's Holistic Healing Collective and the host of The Healing Toolbox Podcast.

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The Healing Toolbox Podcast
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The Healing Toolbox is an interview podcast, bringing you conversations with holistic healers from around the world. Our goal is to help you reclaim the healing power that lives in you, through you and all around you so that you can build your own Healing Toolbox.

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Therapy for Mind & Body
2 Chelsea Blvd
Houston, Tx
In person by appointment

I provide different Holistic services Talk Therapy, Holistic Masssge Therapy, Level 3 Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy.
With these services my goal is to help you manage emotional, physical and mental pain and stress.
(713) 410-4727
BE Phenomenal Enterprise
Online only

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to live your most phenomenal life? I am BE Kelley, a Mental Health Therapist and Certified Life Coach who specializes in showing my clients how to harness the power of all of their life experiences in order to produce the tangible outcomes they desire in life. I work with clients who are teachable, dedicated to investing in their personal growth and success, as well as have a strong desire to live their most amazing life! If that sounds like you schedule a consultation with me today and allow me to join your journey to getting to your next most phenomenal level in life! I am very social and you can find me on FB: BE Phenomenal IG:be.kelley

The Family Imprint Institute
online and in person

I offer training for coaches, therapists & counsellors that supports them in offering fast, deep & lasting change for their clients {& themselves}. If you’ve just been working with your client’s present struggles, you are only working with part of the story. The new science of epigentics and inherited family trauma shows us that often what we struggle most with inside our relationships, health challenges, habitual patterns or our success often lives in our family’s experiences.

In the 20 years of working with clients, I’ve found that I’m really more of a detective than a therapist. The questions I ask get to the heart of the matter, offering resolution more quickly and effectively than anything else I’ve explored. By listening intently to the words you use to describe your challenges, I’m lead exactly to where we need to begin to work together, to bring you insight into your life, and a sense of freedom and strength you may not have believed was possible.
Cait Donovan LLC
Online (I'm in New Jersey)
Women entrepreneurs give a lot. Sometimes, a little too much. I'm not judging, I've been there myself a few times which is why my acupuncture practice created a spin-off and I use my Chinese Medicine skills combined with life coaching to bring you back from the burnout dead.

1:1 calls, offered as one-offs or a series of calls so that together we can discover the source(s) of your burnout and change all the things that are within our power to change. The next step is learning to better handle the things we have no control over. When it comes to burnout, there are internal and external causes. In contrary to most coaches, I won't tell you that you can solve this by just changing your mindset. You'll come to understand the interplay between your energy and the energy of the world around you and you'll build a business model that sustains you instead of drains you.
Love Heals Retreats
If you are longing for emotional, psychological and spiritual change in your life, then Love Heals offers individual healing sessions as well as healing retreats to support your healing process.

Love Heals offers a variety of healing services which includes spiritual coaching, medium-ship readings, individual healing sessions as well as healing retreats and workshops.
Healing with Adrienne
Call for appointment.

As an ordained minster and certified Usui Reiki Master, Adrienne provides spiritual guidance through mediation and hands off Reiki. Services include Reiki/mediation for both pets and individuals as well as room clearing. Other services include essential oils classes, community Reiki, and wedding ceremonies.

That's me
Kaiserstr. 5 a
Frankfurt / Germany
only online

I love to do past life therapy online.
I'm in business for more than 18 years and handle a lot of issues. Look at my website for more information.
only with WhatsApp +491774512080

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