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Johanna Lynn

Your confidential space for support, powerful experiential exercises that provide resolution and community.

The location? A virtual meeting room designed to reconstruct your most essential relationships, along with the relationships you hold with yourself.


The most valuable step you can take right now is to address what’s really holding you back, – so you’ll never find yourself in these repetitive patterns again.
If you want to release
what’s stalling your financial success,
limiting your relationship happiness
or your confidence…
you will need the full picture to find your solution.


The partners we choose;
the careers we find ourselves in,
the habits we find most difficult to break…
from how we parent to how we prioritize self care,
right down to our fears and phobias: all of these can be sourced from our family of origin.
Yes, even if you were adopted, or if your parents worked so much, you were raised by a nanny


The variety of topics we will explore:

Resolving the roots of anxiety

Mastering the ability to love and trust yourself

Becoming aware of and releasing the stress that runs in the background of life

Uncovering family patterns that influence all aspects of your life and well being

Initiating clarity to make decisions that align with what you truly want in your life

Receiving the love you desire and deserve, starting with yourself and including those you share your life with

Johanna Lynn

About Johanna Lynn

Johanna Lynn's focused areas of study have been Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Inherited Family Trauma and The Core Language Approach. I’ve spent years studying how language and our inner images intertwine. In working together with clients, I tune into the unique language of each client, which often leads us to the very root of an issue. Training & Accreditation Sociology, Psychology within my Social Arts and Sciences degree Certifications from The Family Constellation Institute The Inherited Trauma Institute The Hellinger Institute of Northern California Certified Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists Masters in Neuro Linguistics Programming with The WEL-Systems Institute.

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  • From:2019-05-22   07:00 PM
  • To:2019-05-22 09:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event

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