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Are you a healing arts practitioner who also writes?

We’re currently looking for articles that fit the theme of holistic healing and serve our mission to offer holistic healing services, education, support, access support, and community resources to a diverse audience of women on their healing journey. 


Pitches must have a strong holistic healing emphasis. Consider developing your article around services for which you are an expert, books, events, trends, and habits that tell us something about the intersection of holistic healing, emotional wellness, and personal empowerment.


Your Pitch:

  • Be sure your article pitch has a strong holistic healing framework.
  • Do not send a full article for your pitch
  • Keep your pitch to one paragraph. Include a thesis and some ideas about how you will develop your thesis throughout the piece.
  • Keep our audience in mind. We recommend reading reviewing our mission and values to ensure you are speaking to our diverse and inclusive audience.
  • Think informational rather than first-person narratives. We will accept compelling personal stories, but there must be a tie to a modality you offer.
  • Include a two-sentence bio to help us understand why you would be qualified to write on this topic.
  • Include links to two or three articles that you have published, even if it is your blog
  • We will accept reprints for which you hold all of the printing rights.

Selected Pitches:

  • The finished article should be insightful, detailed, original, well-crafted pieces.
  • Pieces should be between 500-750 words.
  • In the article wrap up, don’t be afraid to pitch your services and why the reader would want to work with you.

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