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Inclusion into The Women’s Holistic Healing Collective Directory assumes that you are in alignment with Our Core Beliefs. 

  • The Women’s Holistic Healing Collective is rooted in the belief that inside each of us is a powerful healing energy and the ability to create a life free from inherited family trauma, lingering emotional baggage and self-limiting habits & patterns.
  • We believed the healer you need is you.
  • We believe women are self-defining, multi-dimensional and distinct.
  • We believe gender identity is self-defining and only done by an individual in the way that is significant to them. This space is for people who have ever identify with the expansive experience of womanhood.  This is inclusive of gender-queer, non-binary and trans identified persons.
  • We are an intentionally inclusive collective. In our planning and community involvement our goal is to center the voices of those who have been historically marginalized.
  • We believe all healing is an autonomous act of self-care directed only by the individual woman.


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Thank you for submitting your business to The Women’s Holistic Healing Collective

Rev.Michelle Dowell-Vest, Founder


Your Business Listing Gains You Access to Our Two Private Facebok Groups

The Collective is for Healing Arts Practioners only.  The Collective is a virtual meeting space created for Holistic Healing Arts Practitioners who are focused on the unique healing needs of women. Here we can meet, share resources, support each others events and find additional Practitioners to help our clients build their healing toolbox.


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Our Meeting Place is the online meeting room for The Women’s Holistic Healing Collective. In this space are both healing arts practitioners and those seeking practitioners.

Our mission is to offer holistic healing services, education, access support and community resources to support the diverse needs of women on their individual holistic healing journey.

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